My Passion

I founded Grape and Nectar with the aiming of helping anyone to find a moment of joy in every glass of wine they drink. This is my passion.

I have over two decades of experience in the wine trade. I have travelled to wine regions all over the world to discover, taste and source wines.

I love and respect the people who make it and the places it comes from. It has woven its way into my life and I want to share all of the stories and experiences with you with every sip.

Katherine Dart MW

Katherine is a Master of Wine and has worked in the wine trade for over two decades. Prior to entering the wine trade she studied English Literature at Lancaster University. After finishing her BA, she went on to attain an MA in Literature and History of Art from Reading University.

Needing to get a job, she started work at Oddbins and has worked in the wine trade ever since.  She has worked in different areas from retail, account management to judging, but has spent the majority of her career as a wine buyer. Her initial training and experience focused on classic regions like Bordeaux and Burgundy, but subsequently she ventured further afield, working with emerging regions and New World wines.

She loves to share the knowledge she has accumulated and co-founded Grape and Nectar as a means to do just that. She is passionate about all things wine, especially indigenous varieties and discovering new products. She believes everyone should drink wines that make them smile.

Katherine has been known to enjoy a Netflix binge, but can mostly be found outside walking or running, or in the kitchen with her children and a hopeful, small dog.

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