What the Heck is Mindful Drinking?

What the Heck is Mindful Drinking?

What the heck is mindful drinking? In fact, is it even possible to drink mindfully? For many, the prospect of embarking on Dry January (the post-Christmas reset, aimed at cleansing our systems through abstinence) is less than appealing. Whereas, for others it really does provide a timely regroup after the December excess. Regardless of which camp you fall into, should you ask yourself the following question. Would a more moderated and considered approach to alcohol consumption be a bad thing? 

So, what is mindful drinking? In a nutshell, it appears to embody drinking in moderation and being in control of your alcohol consumption. Indeed, this notion of has been around for a while now. Some proponents are more extreme than others, but we do believe there is merit in the concept. We also feel that people have to find an ethos that fits them. If you want to investigate further have a look at the Club Soda and the Mindful Drinking Festival.

We know we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Every one of us has a very individual relationship with alcohol. However, we do exist in a world where drinking is socially acceptable. Indeed, it can even be encouraged as a coping mechanism, which isn’t something we’d recommend!

So, maybe you are emerging from Dry January and want to continue the good work. Or perhaps you feel that a more moderated relationship with your bottle of wine is needed. Either way, below are our top tips to help you explore the notion of mindful drinking:

1). Quality not quantity

Drink better not more. Truly enjoy what you are drinking and share it with friends who will appreciate it. Maybe upgrade your wine budget to reflect this. Enjoying a glass of wine that is genuinely delicious is a thing of joy (in our opinion anyway!).

2). Don’t drink for the sake of drinking

Ask yourself why you are drinking. This is a bit like asking yourself why you are eating ice cream straight from the tub! Also, if you are not enjoying what you are drinking, stop drinking it – life it too short!

3). Be Organised

If you are going out and don’t want to drink too much, research your options advance. For example, plan to go for a meal, rather than just out drinking. This will allow you to enjoy wine with a meal, rather than on an empty stomach.

4). If necessary, fake it

If you are worried about peer pressure, plan to be the nominated driver. Alternatively, stick to the ‘T’ in the G&T, or simply alternate between a soft drink and your preferred tipple.

5). Seek out the like-minded

If you look around you may discover that a fair few of your friends aren’t drinking or are drinking less. Someone may be mid-detox, someone else could be pregnant or maybe one friend has a killer hangover. Whatever the reason, stick with them because there is safety in numbers.

6). The choice is yours

If you have decided to drink less, or are having an alcohol-free evening, own it. It’s your choice. Eventually, those around you will get used to it and it will become the norm. We stay stick with it.

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