Drink Better Wine and Eat Chocolate

Drink Better Wine and Eat Chocolate

Drink better wine and eat chocolate – are they rules to live by? I’m not sure, though I like to think they are. Though, many may view both these things as bad habits, I like to believe you can integrate them into a healthy lifestyle.

That said it’s true, I have many ‘not ideal’ habits. Those who know me are fully aware that I swear way too much (even my children call me out and I am not proud of this). I don’t go a day without chocolate if I can help it. Sometimes I have been known to develop a ‘thirst’. This ‘thirst’ is usually for wine and, on occasion, gin (I usually regret it the next day, too). And while I’m embracing the spirit of the confessional, I have a weakness (translate as borderline obsession) with nut butter. In fact, rather worryingly, I could go on, but I’ll stop here. Instead, I shall regard myself as imperfect matter and a work on progress.

Unfortunately, the swearing, nut butter and chocolate habits continue at a pace. Though in all honesty, the wine/gin habit is becoming more infrequent. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not becoming teetotal, but my desire to get plastered is shrinking/has shrunk. Is this a reflection of age? Could it be a function of parenthood (though, at times, this role can drive a person to drink)? Perhaps it’s a result of life taking over and priorities changing with the rapidly passing years?

In all likelihood, I believe it’s a combination of all of the above, to varying degrees at different times. If I look back, I can see that my approach to drinking has shifted in the last decade. I now have absolutely no tolerance for hangovers. I just don’t want to lose a day feeling rubbish.

In the same way, I have no tolerance for suffering through a glass of unsatisfactory or unpleasant wine. I would, honestly, rather not drink. But, despite all these shifts and changes, I still like a glass of wine. However, when I do drink, I want to enjoy it.

At Grape and Nectar we do this by following a simple rule: drink better. As a wine professionals, we are aware that we’re atypical wine consumers, but the notion of choosing something delicious and treating yourself is a simple luxury available to anyone. Truthfully, it doesn’t have to cost the earth (though it can and, sometimes, that’s ok , too).

Having a moment of calm, pausing and truly enjoying a glass is a something any wine lover can embrace. Mindfulness is an ever-present notion these days. Nevertheless, it’s something we all struggle to incorporate into our time-poor lives. So this is our tip. Why not apply mindful appreciation to a glass of wine and kill two flies with one flip-flop? Who knew mindfulness could be so much fun – all you have to do is drink better wine and eat chocolate….

Katherine x

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